Based in Stuttgart, the Grail Message Foundation is a charitable, non-confessional organisation. It serves as the central source for the dissemination of the ideas of Abd-ru-shin’s principal work, In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message.  In 1951, The Ministry of Culture and Financial Authorities of the Baden-Württemberg region confirmed the legality of our institution, awarding it the status of a charitable foundation.

In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message has been translated into 17 languages and published in around 90 countries. Comprising three volumes, the work is made up of 168 lectures. Taken as a whole, this work is not intended to act as a new religion. Rather, it aims to provide a complete image of the creation.

We are affiliated with The Grail Message Foundation Publishing House, which makes use of all possible channels of communication to ensure the most effective dissemination of Abd-ru-shin’s teachings. As well as organising numerous lectures and seminars, the publishing house produces a large range of educational publications, including accessible e-books, audiobooks, and films.

The majority of our publications are educational books that expand upon the central ideas of Abd-ru-shin’s works. They are written to communicate enduring values, inspiring people to lead a conscious life.


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